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New Album Live Edmar Castaneda World Ensemble Live @ the JAZZ STANDARD 

Gregoire Maret Harmonica  

Andrea Tierra Vocal

Marshall Gilkes Trombone 

Itai Kriss Flute  

Shlomi Cohen Soprano Sax 

Pablo Vergara Piano  

Rodrigo Villalon Drums 

David Silliman Percussion

Tamer Pinarbasi Kanun 

Sergio krakowski Pandero

Down Beat Jazz Magazine 

 dedicate this album to the world. This is my prayer, translated in music, for the suffering of the human race. I want these songs to resound in heaven and bring us back the peace, love and tolerance that we all need. --Edmar Castaneda


Castañeda’s technique is astounding, produc- ing the sound of a piano, steel pan, mandolin, electric guitar and even sitar. With a band that includes a number of New York City jazz greats, he blends folkloric music and free-jazz into a diz- zying whirlwind of sound. 

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